Bryan Masters’ crooked heart was educated along the two-lane blacktops and dirt roads of Kansas, and his music speaks of small towns, dreams lost and found, and the torments of real love and dented hearts . . . One reviewer described him as “a guy who’d like to see the world in romantic terms if there just wasn’t so much evidence to the contrary.”

Attentive Kansans will recognize Bryan’s voice and songs maybe from his former Wichita, KS bands Shoobachs, Howdy and Stick Men, where he first played with Dennis Hardin. Bryan has released a handful of CDs, and his face is well-known in the winners’ circle in the Walnut Valley Festival’s New Songs Showcase.

What does Bryan’s music sound like? Here’s what MTV has to say about it.

Interested? Explore this site to learn more about Bryan and his songs.

back porch buddha
Bryan Masters still performs solo sometimes, but these days you’ll mostly hear him as the more vocal half of the original folk-rock duet Back Porch Buddha. Visit the Back Porch Buddha website.