Listen to Most of July

The years between childhood and adulthood, the months between this grade and that grade. Country roads, starlit skies, great big cars and barefoot girls. Those, my friends, were the days, and I was lucky enough to live at that time in that place. This song celebrates summertime in middle America, as I saw it.

Most of July

© 1995 Bryan Masters

F#m  D  F#m  D   E

It's summertime
You're seventeen
Got the top down
            D                 E
Brightest stars you've ever seen
And you're a little bit crazy
From the heat
Kick your shoes off
            D                  E    D    E
Now you're steering with your feet
               D      E
I'll take you uptown downtown
I can take you there again
D       E              A
I can take you to the disco
Or the diner
        D           E
Or the lake road, overgrown
  A                            D
Buildings out behind this city
           E                      D E A D E A
You'll be barefoot for most of July

Close your eyes
And you'll see
You're a small town kid
A thousand miles and thirty years from
Whoever you'll turn out to be
But you know the world is waiting
'Cause you've seen it on TV

But when you open up
Your eyes again you’ll see
You're all grown up now
And thirty-one years older than
You ever imagined you could be
And the colors aren't as bright
As you remember

'Cause back then it seemed
              D      A
Nights would last forever
Now they're gone
           D         A
And they went by so fast
And it seems
It's the same for summer
Trying hard to recover
      A                     F#m
The barefoot days of your past

Now close your eyes again
And you'll see
Stars still shining bright,
You still got the top down
And you're still a little crazy
From the heat
You're still seventeen
You're still steering with your feet

Bryan Masters Music/ASCAP