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Romeo can’t shut up about his amazing new girlfriend, Juliet. But his good friend the narrator knows too much about this one. He knows this Capulet girl is a handful of trouble, but he knows better than to try to talk sense to Romeo.

Winfield cred: Showcase selection for Walnut Valley Festival’s NewSong Showcase, 2013.

Romeo Describes

© 2001 Bryan Masters

Don't you hate to see him with that Capulet girl
             A                      B
she's got a destiny thing, you can see it in her eyes
she don't deserve a guy like Romeo
 A                B
looks like he's gone for her lies
I knew her when she was a neighborhood punk
            A                         B
before she sunk her claws into that Montague guy
      E                       F#m
The Juliet I know is nothing like the girl
      A  B      E         A  B  E
that Romeo describes

I never knew that he could get like this
he says he'd die for her, you know I think that he would
I bet you'll find him at the Capulet ball
I bet she's up to no good
There's no explaining to a Montague
when he's young and in love and feeling unwise

The Juliet I know is nothing like the girl
that Romeo describes

Mr. Shakespeare, can't you see
           A                   B
that what Romeo says and what Juliet does
just sounds  like two very different stories to me
  A                           B
write what you like, I'm just telling you
         E           A  B
how she really was

It's down to war now with the families
he says the time has come, they're going over the wall tonight
which leaves me wondering 'bout a memory (of Juliet)
I wonder if she was right

she told me once over a jug of wine
about a love we would remember til the end of time
how a beautiful maid would turn a young fool's head
and their beautiful love would leave them stone cold dead
I guess I've known her long enough to know
she's not the kind of girl I'd trust with my life

The Juliet I know is nothing like the girl
that Romeo describes

Bryan Masters Music/ASCAP