Listen to Same Train

Here’s a song about the ways that life can be a long string of near-misses, and how staying in perpetual motion guarantees that you’ll never see anything very closely.

Same Train

© 2005 Bryan Masters

Em  C  D  Em  D

I bet you're reading a paperback novel
      D                      Em
The same one I'm reading myself
You're starting on chapter thirteen
D                          Em
I just finished chapter twelve
we're going the same direction at the same rate
           Am                      D
'long the same rails through the same state
Both making bad choices
     C            D     Em
when we could be making art

we're riding on the same train
  D                Em
fifteen cars apart
we're riding on the same train
 D                Em
fifteen cars apart

I know you're just out of reach
but I'm not sure what I'm reaching for
I'm crawling in through the window
you're walking out the door
We're going the same speed in the same direction
making good time with a bad connection
Both looking for a happy ending
Both looking for a brand new start

Now here's the thing
 C                     D
I bring my microscope every day
              C                             D
you got your telescope, you're looking the other way
     C                              D
both searching every mile of this railroad track
  C             Am
fifteen cars apart
and back to back

I'm marking time with a sundial
you're using an hourglass
I'm running out of road
You're running out of gas
we're going in the same direction at the same speed
keeping the same distance from the things we need
Both staring at the same moon
Both wishing and crossing our hearts

Bryan Masters Music/ASCAP