Listen to Small Town Kids

I’m such a cheater. Fact is, I did grow up in a small town. But it’s not that small. It’s not “one gas pump and one stoplight” small. But the imagery in this song is legit, and I mean every word of it.

Winfield cred: It was a showcase selection for Walnut Valley Festival’s NewSong Showcase, 2005

Small Town Kids

© 2005 Bryan Masters

Am   D   Am  D

  G               C         Am
That little blue dot on the map
That's my home town
  G              Em
Water tower and not much more
 G                  D
Just a bank and a grocery store
  G           C          Am
That was my whole wide world
 D      G                 Em
We had one gas pump and one stoplight
 G                    D
Big front porch on a summer night

     Am                            D
Big city that’s just something in stories we heard
   Am                        D
Small town that’s where our whole world turned

          G                 D
We had firecrackers at the town park
  Am                  C
Stringray bikes 'til way past dark
And the chili fries and the fireflies
       C                        D
The church where we learned to harmonize
        G                          D
Stood right in the middle of the town square
  Am             C
Smell of summer on the air
    Em                    D
Now we got lucky, yes we did
                    G  D   C   D   G   D   C  D
We were small-town kids

Got a couple of whiskers on my chin
And my mind turned
From bugs and little league sports
To girls in cutoff shorts
Like you -- you were the bratty little girl next door
So I was a little confused about what to do
When something changed 'tween me and you

I got a summer haircut and a T-shirt tan
Not quite a child and still not quite a man

Then it was high-school team and dirt roads
You and me in my GTO
And the football nights and snowball fights
You let me kiss you twice that night
Right in the middle of the town square
I fell for you right then and there
Now we got lucky, yes we did
We were small town kids

It's been a long time
Since we lived in that little town
    Am                D   E
But it still lives in me

               A                          E
(I wanna be) Right in the middle of the town square
You can see the whole universe from there
     F#m                   E
Now we got lucky, yes we did
     F#m                   E
Now we got lucky, yes we did
                      A  E  D  E  A  E  D  E
We were small town kids

Bryan Masters Music/ASCAP