Listen to Steel Rails

I’ve had this song for years, but I’ve never fallen in love with it. As such, I’ve never really gotten a great recording of it. Maybe this year.

Steel Rails

© 1994 Bryan Masters

G  C  F

 G     C      F
Tear trails flowing side by side
        G    C    F
Like steel rails glowing in the twilight
     G         C     F
It looks like the horizon is the meeting place
      G     C    F
For steel rails

                D                      G              C
Now here's the difference 'tween your tears and the train
The train runs both ways
 D                    G           Am
Here's the way that they're the same
They both run every day
     G  C  F G  C  F
On steel rails

Teardrops falling on your shirt
Like whistle stops, your anger and your hurt
Like small towns connected to the planet
By steel rails

Now here's the difference 'tween your tears and the towns
Along the railway
Little towns grow up, but your tears
Will never go away
On steel rails

          Am             C            G
And the train conductor in his shiny shoes

Calls out the coming towns
      Am              C              G
But this misconduct comes with no excuse
And no announcement
          G  C  F
On steel rails

          G                    C      D
Now the steel rails run in parallel lines
Just like me and you
         G                             C             F
And the steel rails look like they'll meet at the horizon
But they never do

Now here's the difference 'tween me and the train along the track
Odds are tomorrow
The train will be coming back
On steel rails

Bryan Masters Music/ASCAP