Listen to The World Famous Indestructible China Doll

I wrote this as I watched a friend slowly wither away to her demise. She was always a generous giver, but had difficulty receiving comfort at the end of her life. I’m not sure who I was mad at when I wrote this one.

Useless trivia: I wrote this song in 1991 and forgot about it. I came across the lyric sheet in 2012, wrote a bridge and voila.

Back Porch Buddha at The Brickyard

Bonus audio, because you need a little pick-me-up: We love playing at The Brickyard, a great open-air venue in Wichita’s Old Town. And our pal Mark always lets the recorder roll when we play. So here it is, straight out of the mixing board. Enjoy!

The World Famous Indestructible China Doll, live from The Brickyard (June 2012)

China Doll

© 2012 Bryan Masters
   She never disappoints
   G        A        D   G A
   She's a real go-getter
   D                                G
   She'd straighten this whole mess out
   A               D      G A
   If they'd just let her
   D           G
   Oh oh she's standing tall
   She's got it all figured out
   and written on the wall
   D                           G          A      D    G A
   She's the world famous indestructible china doll
If you listen to her heart
   You'll hear a storm inside
   If you look real close you can see it 
   in her eyes
   Oh oh she's always there for them
   But where were they when it all started closing in
   on the famous indestructible china doll
   F#m       G
   Ch-ch-ch-china doll
   She don't know how bad she'll shatter
   She don't know how far she's gonna fall   D G A D G A
So drink a toast to the lady 
   and to her health
   She's everything to everybody 
   except herself
   Oh oh she's a fearless friend 
   To all the ones who missed her crying at the end
   of the famous indestructible china doll

Bryan Masters Music/ASCAP