Listen to Thunderhead

Beautiful and terrible, refreshing and destructive and crawling toward us so deliberately — nothing matches a Kansas thunderstorm for fertile metaphor.

When we recorded this for Thundar the Boy Giant, we used a huge choir of stringed instruments – acoustic and electric guitars, acoustic and electric mandolins, acoustic and electric basses. We counted: 100 strings. Ever try to keep 100 strings in tune?

Bonus audio, because you deserve the truth: This song first appeared on Stick Men.

Thunderhead, by Stick Men


© 1992 Bryan Masters

capo 3

F#m  A  B  E
E                         A         B
Thunderhead flashing wild blue and angry eyes
      F#m   C#m      A        E
And cries above the distant plain
Tears are falling harder
 B        E
all the time
       F#m  C#m
This thunderstorm
     A         E
it bears your name
         F#m        C#m
And it wears your clothes
     A        E
and acts the same as
 F#m          A        B     E
You and your blue and angry eyes

Thunder mumbling curses
under its breath
And the lightning flashes and looks away
A patch of blue sky lingers
in the west
I pray this storm will pass today
Rage just enough and
then go away from
You and your blue and angry eyes

Be still you can hear the
thunderhead sing
   A                         B
No no never know what the night wind's gonna bring

I feel a hurricane blowing
up from under your skirt
And the roar relaxes to a sigh
Put the windows open and pray you don't get hurt
And turn your face up to the sky
And dare this storm to
pass on by, pass by
You and your blue and angry eyes

Bryan Masters Music/ASCAP