Listen to Til the Evening Star Falls

This song is a workhorse. I’ve played it so many times with so many different people and in front of so many different audiences. It’s an old, old favorite.

Winfield cred: Showcase selection for Walnut Valley Festival’s NewSong Showcase, 2012.

Bonus audio, because you’ve earned it: Long ago, I enlisted Kelly Werts to engineer/produce/arrange a recording of this song. That’s Richard Crowson providing the definitive harmony.

Til the Evening Star Falls, by Bryan Masters

Til the Evening Star Falls

© 1989 Bryan Masters

C  G   D   G  C  G

There's a front porch on the prairie
           C      G
Where my baby and I
Would waltz across Kansas by the radio light
We'd dance and she'd sing
           C         F
To every old cowboy tune
G                                D           G
waltzing like an angel by the light of the moon

             C           G              D        G
(Won’t you) sing me the evening star's sweet lullaby
  C           G
Kiss me the moonbeams
      D                     C          G
And then tell me why I got you for a blessing
     C          F
To shine in my life
    G                      C              G
Sing til the evening star falls from the sky
           D                     G
Until it falls from the sky

We danced by the hour
By the day, by the week
I was strong in the legs she was light on her feet
But then came the drought
And the flood and the kids
Still we danced when the moon shone yellow and big

Well my baby and me,
Lord, we came through it all
Now the kids have their own
And we still see them at the holidays
The light in your eyes
Still burns like a torch
We waltzed away two fine long lives on that porch

Bryan Masters Music/ASCAP