Listen to Train Whistle

I wrote this song for the Wichita bands Pop and the Boys and Haymakers to cover, but neither band knows about it. Yet. I’ll pester them about it, and will keep you posted right here.

Bonus audio, because a banjo can break your heart: Here’s Richard Crowson’s solo take on Train Whistle. Dark, lonesome and downright lovely.

 Train Whistle – Richard Crowson

Train Whistle

© 2013 Bryan Masters

All my life the train whistle
Got me on the run

Train whistle chasing me
Run til I was done

That train whistle, ain't this a
                               C  C7
postcard from where I'll never be
        G   D
That train whistle
Sounds like lonesome to me

She sang to me like a train whistle
And calmed me in the night
But the freightliner called to me
In the early morning light
Train whistle ain't this a
Chance to be a better man than me
That train whistle
Sounds like lonesome to me

      C                    G
The Santa Fe cries like a lover
      C               G
The L&M cries out in pain
      C                G
The Amtrak cries for every soul she carries
But every engine, every train
every line sounds the same
I hear her voice and it's a shame
D                                   D7
the train whistle ain't to blame

I guess I love that train whistle
more than a loved my home
I could go back to where I'm from
I'd rather be alone
That train whistle, ain't this a
Picture of what I can't ever be
That train whistle
sounds like lonesome to me

Bryan Masters Music/ASCAP