Listen to Trouble with Preachers

All in all, I’ve removed about three totally inflammatory verses that bordered on heresy. When I started to write this song, it was just a funny riff – but I kept getting mad. Issues, apparently. I’ve edited it back to funny. I hope.

Trouble with Preachers

© 1999 Bryan Masters
C  G  D  G  Em  D  G
	G                       C         G
   Preacher told mama and mama told me
   C            D         G
   like it come from the lord up above
   G                C        G
   sex is dirty and evil and awful
   C              D            G
   so save it for the one that you love

C           G    D  G
   Maybe someday 
   Em           D
   this'll make sense to me
   C            G           D        G
   Til then I just can't let the mystery be
   C              G          D           G
   so I'll take my chances on a moment like this
   Em        D           G
   oh baby, just one little kiss

Preacher man told me it doesn't matter
   we're outnumbered by a factor of seven
   though their book teaches love faith and forgiveness
   there's not one single Buddhist in heaven
God told me son, you're doing just fine
   those are just things I tell preachers to keep 'em in line
   so don't blame the preacher man, you know he means well
   but don't believe everything you hear about heaven and hell

Bryan Masters Music/ASCAP