Listen to Valentine’s Day

I love this song. I love the images, the rhymes, the story arc, everything. But I only play it once a year. Because, you know, Valentine’s Day.

Public service announcement: Valentine’s Day can be an emotional minefield, so take care and step lightly when it comes around. A lot of people are having a rotten day. (I am not one of those people.)

Valentine’s Day

© 2003 Bryan Masters

C  D

  C              D
starts so nice
 G                 Em
making love like rolling dice
 C                    D
making out while the sun comes up
 G                Em
making eyes over coffee cups
         Am              D
making fun of the way I snored
the night before
          Am          C
make the morning last
making love some more

it's all too perfect

C               D
it's valentines day
   G                       Em
let's start if off with a massacre
 C          D                    Em
old rusty swords and bleeding hearts
C                D
it's valentines day
        G                    Em
let's start by killing the messenger
      C                         D
who told us that things never turn out
the way that they start
on Valentine's Day
         D        G
on Valentine's Day

A house of cards
a pair of poorly chosen words
a pair of angry silent eyes
a pair of tempers on the rise
a pair of earrings still wrapped up
with a bow
pair of dice rolled snake eyes
ain't paradise no more
it's all too perfect

Em             Am
Valentines Day
 C            G
is just a February day
but it's drenched in crimson
like blood and a dozen

perfect roses
and everybody knows its
not the same since
it became this
you'll have to blame this
on St Valentine

Evening falls
each hoping that the other will call
each wondering how they jumped the track
each wishing they could take it back
each wishing they could just
turn back their clocks
back to coffee cups
and earrings in a box
it's all too perfect

Bryan Masters Music/ASCAP