Listen to Wannabe Saint

I stole the chord progression from Ophelia by The Band. (I just wanted to get that off my chest, because I’m pretty sure The Band never stole anything from me.) I still haven’t made the definitive recording of this song, but you’ve gotta admit – The Band would do a great version of this song.

Winfield cred: Showcase selection for Walnut Valley Festival’s NewSong Showcase, 2010

Wannabe Saint

© 2010 Bryan Masters

D7  G  C

I'm a regular guy
with regular appetites
       D7                   G
and trouble has no trouble finding me
even when I try to do right
But I try to do right
and I try to do even better
      D7             G
But trouble doubles back around
with a drink and low cut sweater
I wanna be a saint
like Mother Theresy
       D7          G
Like Francis of Assisi
But brother it ain't that easy

I wanna be a saint
But I is what I is and I ain't what I ain't
the road of life gets twisted

when you're tryin' to walk it straight
and that's hard for me
cause sin comes easy
                  C      G7
to this wannabe saint

It's hard to be a saint
that's a tough row to hoe, honey
it's tricky walkin' the high road
when you're trippin' over women and booze and money
The seven deadly sins
all know me by my first name, brother
All along I've known right from wrong
but I can't do one when I'm doing the other

so we do what we do what we do
and we hope that we don't blow it
cuz talkin' the talk is easy
but walkin' the walk that's some might hard goin'
yeah walkin' the walk that's some might hard goin'

Bryan Masters Music/ASCAP