Listen to When You Smile

This is, I believe, the second song I ever wrote. Somewhere I have a cassette recording of this song when it was still fresh and clean. In that 1985 recording, I played it about 150 mph and sang like my teeth were on fire. The song has survived., though. We still play it fairly often. (Trivia: This song was covered by the late great Wichita band The Pragmatics, which featured Dennis Hardin along with Kim Hamlin and Phil Burress.

Bonus audio, because you seem sturdy: Shoobachs performed this song in 1990 at Kirby’s Beer Store, and the whole thing was recorded by Mike Coykendall on glorious 4-track cassette. This was an epic show.

When You Smile – Shoobachs

When You Smile

© 1985 Bryan Masters

G  C  D  G  C  D

When we were younger
My head was clear and my heart was stronger
Guess I knew everything
    C        D
Impeccable style
But then you shook me
With a lover's fog that overtook me
That fog still covers me
       C    D       G
Whenever I see you smile

 C     D        G           C  D
Oh whenever I see you smile
When you smile
 C     D       G           C  D
Oh whenever I see you smile

You used to tease me
Your looks could kill and your eyes could freeze me
Then thaw me out again
And set me on fire
You said you knew me
You always said you could see right through me
I see myself reflected there
Whenever I see you smile

G     D   C                 G
Your smile can carry me away
  G   D   C                 G  C  D
Your smile

That smile still excites me
Living in a lover's paradise
You never compromised
Your magical style
You know you're just the one
A miracle still coming on
I see the years were good to you
Whenever I see you smile

Bryan Masters Music/ASCAP