Listen to You Again

In most of my songs, the lyrics are character studies – little fictional stories about fictional people in fictional situations. This song, on the other hand, is pure journalism. It was a last-minute inclusion in Thundar the Boy Giant CD. I get a lot of requests for this one. Apparently a lot of people relate to this song.

It also has the most natural ringtone potential of any song I’ve ever written. Download the You Again ringtone right here. You’re welcome.

Winfield cred: It was an alternate showcase selection for Walnut Valley Festival’s NewSong Showcase, 2006

Bonus audio, just because you’re neat: Here’s Nikki Moddelmog performing You Again as part of the 2005 I Wish I Wrote That show.

 You Again – Nikki Moddelmog (Live)

Bonus video: We recorded this during our in-studio session for KMUW’s Strange Currency.


You Again

© 2001 Bryan Masters

D  A7  D  A7

I’m standing on a chair
          A7                   D    A7
In the middle of a very nice room
            D     A7    D  A7
Changing a light bulb
           D                          A7
And I haven't thought about you for weeks and weeks
          D    A7
And I'm still not
               D      A7  D  A7
And life is delightful
        G                         A              G
Then the telephone rings and the caller ID says you

So I pick up the phone and
I say hello
When all I'm really thinking is
"Oh my God, it's you again"
And I draw a sharp breath and make an involuntary noise
And I hear you laughing
at the other end
And you say "Are you okay?
And is hello
All you really wanna say?"
(and I said)

D      A        Em
Oh My God it's you again
I never changed my lock
I never changed my number
Never changed my mind

Never thought I'd
See you again
         D        A
I wanna turn back time
And just pretend
              G              A
Wish I could fall head over heels
For you again

So I pull up a chair
And I light a cigarette
And you say
"Do you remember..."
And we talk for hours
Of rapture and regret
And rainbow comets and embers
There's a chemical science
To the digital silence
of your cell phone

So I hang up thinking 'bout
You and me and the fireflies
That's dangerous country
And I try to remember
One thing that I hate about you
And that still leaves me wonderin'
'Cause all I can remember
Is your smile and
Your swimming pool eyes

Three days later you're
In my house
And three days later you're
In my bed
And three days later you're
Still not crazy
   D                      A7
Three days later I'm in love again
My head and my heart
         A                 G
Have a duel every day at dawn

Bryan Masters Music/ASCAP