Listen to Albert Einstein

The idea is this: You don’t need to be magnificent or legendary. You just need to show up and do your best every damn time. (The Jean-Luc Picard line kinda places this on the timeline, doesn’t it?)

Albert Einstein

© 1996 Bryan Masters

 G            C   Bm  Am               C
If I were a Shao-Lin monk I'd find it easier
    G               C         Bm   Am                D
To concentrate on issues that require my boundless inner wisdom
     G          C  Bm Am               C                 G
And if I were a Picasso, I'd paint myself with just one eye
              C   Bm      Am             C
To show the singular and focused nature of my vision

Em                 Am
I could never be a man like them
    Em                          D
But I remember who I am when I hear you callin'

 G  Am  C  D
Oh my darlin'
Now that the night is fallin'
    C            D          G
And I hear you calling my name

If I were a guy like him, the hero of this show
I'd swing in on a lamppost and save the world with my umbrella
And if I were Jean-Luc Picard, I'd take the helm myself
And save the ship and take a trip to galaxies most interstellar

If I were an international spy in my computer car
I'd block the satellite transmissions
And then I'd drink and dance for hours
And if those guys were guys like me they'd know
You can't rely on starships or computer cars or super powers

Bryan Masters Music/ASCAP