Listen to Carrier Pigeons

At some point in my creative arc, I just decided that I really didn’t care how many people were listening, as long as there was the occasional glimmer of connection. That makes it all worthwhile.

Uche says: “Wow. A song about being obsolete. That’s brave.”

Carrier Pigeons

© 2008 Bryan Masters

cut capo 2

E A B (4x)

You and me, my old friend
  A              B
two guitars and two grown men
   A                   B
a bunch of songs that never been
    E          B   
on any hit parade
You and me up on this stage
 A                B
everyone here is half our age
  A                             B
most nights they don't hear a note we play
       E      B
or a word we sing


They can't hear us anymore
We're like carrier pigeons
with no place to fly
             A       B          E       
run out of time and run out of sky
It's like having perfect vision
     B               E
and nothing left to see
            A   B    E
we're like carrier pigeons
        A         B      E
in a world that doesn't need
 A   B    E
carrier pigeons

instrumental verse


You and me, we've had plenty
lessons learned since we were twenty
a few regrets but not too many
and a lot of highway miles
These guitars and these tired fingers
oughta find a place to linger
find a place where songs and singers
are worth somebody's time


  A                              B
Every now and then the barroom voices go quiet
and suddenly the song is bigger than the room
and squinting through the smoke and lights
I see a look I recognize
     E                                 B
and something in somebody's eyes tells me I'm getting through

They can't hear us anymore
But we're carrier pigeons
we still gotta fly
got a little more time and a little more sky
With nearly-perfect vision
and a whole lot left to see
if we're carrier pigeons
then I guess we're gonna be
carrier pigeons
even if nobody needs 
carrier pigeons

Bryan Masters Music/ASCAP