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I wrote this song after hearing The Morells at Wichita’s late, great Coyote Club. The Morells were an amazing rockin’ combo that left me hungry to write a song just like one of theirs. (Note: This song sounds absolutely nothing like The Morells, but it’s a good song. Feel free to find your own moral for this story.)

Bonus video, because we deliver: We recorded this when we played The Brickyard. Please take note of Dennis’ National Triolian resonator mandolin. Dennis says” “It can kill a banjo with its bare hands.”

Bonus audio, because you’re the best: This song first appeared on Stick Men, sung by Barney Byard.

 Goodbye Kiss – Stick Men

Goodbye Kiss

© 1990 Bryan Masters

       F#m                 E
And it all comes down to this
                 A  E  D  A  E  D  E
Just a goodbye kiss

   A        E
Please somebody,
           D    E
Won't you say amen
     A          E
And bring this story
       D       E
To a peaceful end
          A               E
I don't think that I can go
          D       E
Another round tonight
Seems I always chew
    E         D
A little bit more
     E       A  E  D  A  E  D  A
Than I bite off

We're on each other
Like a fever sweat
Sayin' things we regret
And never forget
Anything but the ways
That we can make it right
Call a truce, give this nuisance
An overdue night off

              F#m         D  E
Guess I can take the blame
           F#m      D     E
I may be wrong but I'm no fool
                    F#m        D  E
I never played to win the game
I guess I never
 D      E
Understood the rules
        F#m       D       E
And it all comes down to this
                 A  E  D  A  E  D  E
Just a goodbye kiss

Carry a grudge
Like I'm afraid I'll spill a drop
Carry this fool attitude
Like it's all I've got
Carry me back to the shores
Of a peaceful love
I've carried it far too long
I think I've had enough

Bryan Masters Music/ASCAP