Listen to Grace

Shortest possible version of this story: Brother of a friend of an ex goes to New Guinea as a missionary. In his care is a mix tape featuring this song. Also in his care is a small group of newly-converted Christian pygmies with whom he has shared the tune. It went on to become a regular hymn in their worship services. That’s right: this song is a pygmy hymn. (This story is purely apocryphal, but what kind of cad would challenge its veracity?)

Bonus audio, because we have no secrets: The version of this song that ended up on Grace was our second attempt. The first take of this song was plenty cool, though. Here it is, featuring Kelly Werts on fiddle and Ron Land on pedal steel guitar.

Grace – Outtake from Thundar the Boy Giant


© 1992 Bryan Masters

A  F#m  D  E

Last night through a
Dirty window pane
    D               E
I saw you in the driving rain
Like Noah's flood,
Like a hurricane
I saw you waiting for me
Just the same

    A         F#m
I know in my heart
          D         E
I could never ever try to
          A           F#m     D
play the part of the gracious soul

So glory glory halle-
  D            E          A
Losing more sleep every night

'Til my eyes have seen the
 D         E      F#m
Glorious morning light

If I die before I
  D     E            A
Ever again see your face
I will tell the angels
 D        E
Of your amazing grace

Never meant to leave you
In that spot
Meant to bring you in and
Dry you off
But I lost the key and the
Door was locked
And I must confess my nerves were shot

Bryan Masters Music/ASCAP