Listen to Heroes

I wrote this song to celebrate what a great task it can be to just hang in there. It’s the first thing I ever wrote with a cut capo, and that has always made it sonically interesting to me.

Bonus Video: Here’s a long-ago low-tech video that we cooked up for this one. Thanks to chief cinematographer Miss Juli.


© 2001 Bryan Masters

(cut capo)

Who's that old guy at the end of the bar?

Seen him every place I've ever played
Looks like five foot of rope knotted up and stretched too far
 A                        B
Life broke every promise it ever made to him
         A                       B
But he ain't done yet, he ain't even afraid
He's a hero
 A               B
Just for living through it
   E    A  B
A hero

  A        B
We're all heroes,
                   A         B
I swear that it's true
 A               B       E  A  B
Even me, and especially you

Young girl sitting all alone in the dark
Eyes like a soldier, face like a baby
Nobody told her the water would be full of sharks
She don't know it but maybe
One little smile from her might save me
She's a hero

Here's to all the heroes here tonight
Wish I could buy you all a beer
With this many heroes we're all gonna be alright
That's what I tell myself to ease these fears
And I know it for sure
When I look around here
We're all heroes

Bryan Masters Music/ASCAP