Listen to I am the King

A mighty elaborate setup for a dopey little love song, if you ask me.

I am the King

© 1997 Bryan Masters

 C                      F
Last night there was a big sound
        G                           C
And I went out to see what it was all about
              C                 F
There was a big crowd getting' real loud
                G                   C
And they were coming at me with a golden crown

         C                          F
I said What? They said hey, don't run away
     G                          C
We need you for a king and we need you today
         C                                      F
Pick a queen, take the throne and then we'll leave you alone
To get accustomed to the rhythm of the King thing

           C            F
I am the king of everything I see
           G                      C
Won't you be my queen won't you come with me
                 C                F
We'll rule the world the way it ought to be
             F                   C
With our peculiar brand of aristocracy

I called the UN  to tell them count me in
I called my tailor and my lawyer and a few good me
I called the president to tell him I'mve been sent
To rule with grace and wisdom and a fake accent

He said What? I said hey, don't be that way
They need a royal figurehead so I'm on my way
We'll be fine, we'll align, now give me some time
To get accustomed to the rhythm of this King thing

    F               G
My kingdom needs a queen

I guess I choose you, so if you want to
We can live the life of royalty like royal do
Let's call it a date, and we'll stay out late
And maybe later you and I can coronate

You say what? I say hey, don't run away
I want you for my queen and I'm begging you to stay
stick around, I'll slow down
Now put on that gown and
Get accustomed to the rhythm of the queen thing

Bryan Masters Music/ASCAP