Listen to Leap of Faith

This ridiculously optimistic breakup song has always taunted me with what I regard as a boundless capacity for radio-ready listenability.

Bonus audio, because you look like you’ve been working out: Terry Quiett and Guinn Walker did a sneaky cool version of this song at 2005’s I Wish I Wrote That concert.

Leap of Faith – Quiett and Walker

Leap of Faith

© 2000 Bryan Masters

That ain't a lot to
 D         C
hang your hat on
G                 D       C
A promise and a rose you sat on
One look tells me that
you're seeing double
Runnin' like hell and
headed for trouble
       G                     D
But I guess you're gonna be okay
                       C    G
Let's take a leap of faith

Take a leap of faith
Into a deep dark hole
Don't turn away
It'll free your soul
If it don't kill you
It'll be okay
                 C     G
Take a leap of faith

When we first met
you were the firecracker
Said I remind you of
your favorite actor
But now we're drownin'
in a pool of crazy
You're gettin' dumb and
I've gotten lazy
But I guess we're gonna be okay
Let's take a leap of faith

Faith means believing
in what you know ain't so
   D    G
(Mark Twain)

Our little motor
has been overheating
The vows we took have taken quite a beating
This path we're cuttin' isn't carved in stone
Maybe we'll figure it out
together alone
Either way we're gonna be okay
Let's take a leap of faith

Bryan Masters Music/ASCAP