Listen to Man of Steel

Superman had a severe allergy to an extraterrestrial mineral. Samson had a difficult girlfriend. Same thing. Same story. But this one ends in surrender.

Man of Steel

© 2002 Bryan Masters

Em D C
Em                    C
My power is slipping away
devastated by your charms
I could lie here in your ams
by the hour by the week by the day
might die tonight, better leave a note
maybe I can find the antidote

            C           D
   But it's no big deal
      C                    D 
   I bought my ticket and took the ride
           C            D
   I'm the man of steel
   and baby you're kryptonite

Like Samson his hair on the floor
shiny something in your eye
shining bright that's the power of kryptonite
you say I'm handsome, you way you want more
go ahead baby and take it all
I don't need nothing to break my fall

   if I had my super strength 
   C                         G D
   or the power of flight
   C             ~          Am
   I'm not sure I'd even try to get away
   that's the power of krypronite

I surrender, my power is yours
take what you need and walk away
I wasn't using it anyway
and remember if you're still keeping score
don't be worried about the shape I'm in
you didn't even break the skin

Bryan Masters Music/ASCAP