Listen to My Turn

This is a pretty little folk song that examines the complexities of romance with some knotty lyrics and some genuinely messed-up sentiments.

pop panoramaBonus audio, because you’ve got moxie, kid: Bob Hamrick, accordionist extraordinaire, listened to this song and heard a 4/4 bluegrass jam. His band Pop and the Boys ran it through their brain trust and ended up with this cool version.

 My Turn – Pop and the Boys

My Turn

© 2002 Bryan Masters

G  Am  C   D  G  Am  C   D

G        Am
Library Mary
     C               D
All spectacles and brown shoes
        G        Am
Feels plain as a prairie
      C        D
And cold as a dart
     G             Am
She just got the brushoff
  C           D
Simple as an ice cube
           G           Am
From the ice-hearted Kruschev
             C            D
Who's been fondling her heart

      Am                 D
She pours her medicinal cheap wine
     C                 D
And oh, it's not the first time

              G               Am     C    D
(She says) it feels like it's my turn
         G             Am     C  D
Yes it feels like it's my turn
            G         Am
With the appeal of a rugburn
          C          D
And the soul of an earthworm
     C           D                G    C    G
It's my turn to break somebody's heart

Crystal is a pistol
With a heart like a turnstile
Sits home with a fistful
Of Vicodin and beer
Romantically retarded
She stares out the front door
Waiting for her blackhearted
Casanova to appear

A blue girl dressed in scarlet
Some Lothario's underpaid harlot

It's a cycle as vicious
As dogs in a junkyard
Broken as dishes
Our kind hearts grow hard
Brandishing sabers
So that we never get scarred
Loving our neighbors
'Til they're dead in the courtyard

Faith remains faithful
To a lover that she's never met
But she knows that he loves her
By the life he doesn't live
And she's quietly grateful
That 'not now' and 'not yet'
Are the only transgressions
That she needs to forgive
And oh, it gets mighty lonely
Waiting for her one and only

(She says) it feels like it's my turn
Yes it feels like it's my turn
Not overly concerned
About life in the short term
The penalty for a false start
Is that someone's gonna break somebody's heart

Bryan Masters Music/ASCAP