Listen to Neighbors

What would the neighbors say? They’d say that we’ve played this song at every show since the day it was written. It’s always fun to play, and I still occasionally introduce Dennis during this song with a longwinded string of lies.

Unfounded rumors: I think Scroat Belly covers this song.

Bonus video, because you have an appetite for it: We made a video of this one. Enjoy.


© 1990 Bryan Masters


      Em           F#m
If I came home at midnight
      G                          Am
And smashed out the porch light
      G          A              Em
And carried you off down the stairs
        Em       F#m     G                Am
And I took you away in a hot-air balloon
          G              A         Em
And took off all of my clothes in mid-air

What would the neighbors say?

If I brought home a wino
And two dozen rhinos
And taught them to walk the high-wire
I would charge no admission
But on certain conditions
I would set all the lawn chairs on fire
What would the neighbors say?

Em  F#m  G  Am  G  A  Em A  G  Em

A tuxedo and shoes
Made of Italian leather
And a smile that I stole from James Woods
And a big helicopter
With bullhorns and searchlights
We'll frighten the whole neighborhood

Bryan Masters Music/ASCAP