Listen to New Blue Canoe

Another country waltz. It sorta wrote itself one evening. I like it, but I don’t feel like I can take much credit. Except for one line: “Well, keep your matches dry.” I’ll take credit for that one. (It’s Uche’s favorite line.) The rest was pretty much a song that dropped out of the sky.

New Blue Canoe

© 2001 Bryan Masters

Your pretty eyes

Brown and wide
I see the river start to rise
And I know for sure
That your heart is gone

Movin' on

Headin' straight for someone on
     D          D7
The other shore
So you're paddlin' away

In your new blue canoe
Well, keep your matches dry ...
Whatever you do
You can set your course
By the sound of this voice
         C       D   G   C   G   D
I'll be waitin' for you

Every drop of rain left in the sky
Won't wash you back to shore
And I can tell by that
look in your eye
                  D          D7
You ain't really here anymore
So I'll set you afloat

on a river of tears
 C                         A7
Sit on the bank and watch you
           G             D        C         G
As you're paddlin' away in your new blue canoe

So I tend my fire
Gettin' tired
Guessin' that you're not inspired
to come back to me
It's been a month or two
I'm guessing you
Settled into something new
And happy and free

But you might just
come paddlin' up
In your slightly used blue canoe
With your matches all wet
And mud in your shoes
So I throw another log on
The fire, and doggone, girl
I sure have been missin' you

Bryan Masters Music/ASCAP