Listen to Nobody

I saw the Jim Jarmusch movie Dead Man, then I went home and wrote this. The song, like the movie, examines a world where everthing has been taken or lost. Plus, there’s this guy named Nobody.

Winfield cred: This song was an alternate showcase selection for Walnut Valley Festival’s NewSong Showcase, 2010.


© 2006 Bryan Masters

(cut capo)

 E                     D
Drove all night to nowhere
            E         D
Which is where I began
       E              D
Kept driving in a straight line
        E            D
'Til I got there again
And I'm still there
B                     E  D   E   D

           D              A
And the phone didn't ring
Again and again
        D                  A
There’s no one at the door
And I didn't let 'em in
      D                  A
I'm home when I'm nowhere
                   E D  E  D
And my name is nobody

At first nothing happened
Then it happened again
It happened for the third time
And every day since then
That's what happened

         A          B          E
There’s only two things I can count on
         A          B
That's nothing and nobody

There’s no time like the present
Except it's already gone
They say my time is comin'
But never always takes too long
I could wait forever
For never

Bryan Masters Music/ASCAP