Listen to Raise a Glass

This song challenges us to stay in the moment, to celebrate our wins and live through our losses. I’ve played this at every single show since it was written, and people request it a lot.

Winfield cred: Showcase selection for Walnut Valley Festival’s NewSong Showcase, 2009

Raise a Glass

© 2004 Bryan Masters

(cut capo)
             E                        A          B
Raise your glass in the hope that tonight never ends
          E                       A     B
Another round, and don't mind the cost
            E                        A                    B
Raise your glass to your sisters and brothers, and friends
That you've found, and friends you've lost
                         E    A   B   E   A   B
Raise your glass

           E                       A        B
It's the same old crew that I've known all along
           E        A   B  E
And that's good for me
    A                B      E
A few new faces, a few new songs
               A  B
That’s as it should be
    A                     B
So here's to nights like this
      A               B
And here's to all of you

When the dogs are all barkin' and life gets
A little too lifelike
Just a slap on the back and a smile from my friend
Makes it alright
Here's to better days
Here's to all of you

  A                         B
Here's to the things that didn't go wrong
And here's to our blessings,
      B             E   A  B   E   A  B
and here's to the songs that we sing

So raise up your glass to this night
And all that it can be
When you're shoulder to shoulder with friends
The rest is easy
So here's to nights like this
Here's to all of you

Bryan Masters Music/ASCAP