Listen to 4 a.m.

I’ve had people get upset about the braggadocio in this song, but they miss the point. The protagonist is an overblown alpha male with delusions of grandeur. But even as his opinion of himself swells, he knows the best part of him — is her.

4 a.m.

© 2002 Bryan Masters

C  Bm  Am Em  C  D  G

           C  Bm                Am         Em
I can be proud of some of the things I've done
         C        D          G
and be boastful about the rest
              C  Bm             Am     Em
It's hard to tell the things I do so well
            C        D          G
from the things that I do the best
                  C  Bm        Am     Em
They talk about races run and battles won
             C                        D
and great deeds that I will do
         C      Bm         Am    Em
But the finest things I've ever done
     C           D     G
are just 'tween me and you

C           D
I put the sweet in the sugar and
C           D
I put the bend in the river and
C           D            G
I put the shine into the morning sun
            C           Bm
But loving you skin to skin
in the firelight at 4 a.m.
 C           D              G
That's the best thing I've ever done

I've been around, a citizen of the world
I'm at home in many lands
But there ain't no home like being alone
in your lovin' arms and hands and lips and
oh my God I love those lips, your smile and eyes and hair
You're the fines place I've ever been
and I've been everywhere

They call me the chief, they call me the CEO
They call me sir if they call me at all
But you can call me anytime
just holler down the hall
You see I've changed the course of history
and I've only just begun
But I swear it's true that loving you
is the best thing I've ever done

Bryan Masters Music/ASCAP