In a former life I was a magazine journalist. Maybe storyteller is a more accurate noun. Anyway, I got to interview people, take their photos and commit those things to stories for publication. Seriously, it was a great gig.

In the course of that minicareer, I was dispatched to interview a Very Famous Rock Star for sort of a where-are-they-now type of story. And where-he-was-then was sitting alone at home, wishing to remain unbothered by the likes of me.

So when I showed up (announced but uninvited) the Very Famous Rock Star enthusiastically suggested that I should go the hell away.

For your consideration, I offer on this page a very sterile, search-engine-de-optimized reading of the story in these vague, nonspecific terms. But I offer a far more detailed account of the event in the audio version below. Note: Significant portions of this story, as presented below, are true.

Listen to the saga of the skinny hippie and the Very Famous Rock Star. (Recorded at Kirby’s Beer Store before an audience of maybe eight people.)