The great American songwriter Dan Wilson has a cool project in the works called “A song can be about anything.”

He’s right, of course. There are gazillions of songs about cars and love, and songs about girls, and songs about boys. And space men. And baseball. And time. And Princess Diana. And pocket knives. And just about any other fool thing you can think of. If it’s part of the human experience, it has a place in the songbook.

So anyway, Wilson’s project prompted me to look and see what my songs are about, and the results are pretty interesting.

But the winner, by a long shot, surprised me. My catalog is jam-packed with songs about people facing change. Most are fairly hopeful, or at least clear-eyed, examinations of the inevitable. I hope this means something good.

Here are a few of those songs. Listen, if you like, and enjoy.

PS: Here’s a word cloud made from the lyrics of all of my songs.

Bryan Lyrics Word Cloud